I Choose Peace

I have the power to control my own perception of my reality.  That’s it.  I can’t make you change, grow, embrace grace, or rise up and love each other.   But, I can.
I choose love=peace=freedom.
I don’t watch TV,  I don’t read the News.  I won’t let them in my reality.  All people talk about is who’s dying.  And I stand crying in awe of a baby’s first crying.
Peace, what must we pay for this most expensive commodity? Haven’t we payed enough?  Do you want to know who has to DIE, to give PEACE a try!? 
Pick up the weapons of peace…truth…love…acceptance. ..compassion…understanding and wisdom. 
Only You can change your reality, are you willing to give peace a chance?


Light body merging

Wow!  Another healing session, this time I’m not sure what to name it… my Oversoul? Higher self? Soul Fragment?  Anyway whatever was missing is now returned.
Let’s go back a couple of weeks. .. I’ve been reading 4 books by Yvonne M . Perry. ..all, on the ascension process,  walk-ins,  empaths and such…I know four, you say?!  Well, what can I say to that , except. …yep, four.
I guess Spirit felt like that was too much, too.  I flipped my trusty Kindle onto the floor from my bed and …well…stepped on it!  I’m not ashamed to say it, I cried.   Not only was it a priceless gift from daughter but on days when I hurt, my window into other worlds.  I did have the presence to ask, tears dripping, “why?”  Basically I got, “slow your ass down!”  Evidently I’d been ignoring signs, again.
I’d just been so happy with all the growth and healings I’d been having that I wasn’t looking at what hell I was putting my body, mind and emotions through.  I took time and finally looked…ouch…I’d been bent on learning so much that I wasn’t giving myself time to even start to assimilate what I’d been learning.   Not to mention that I’d started talking and singing in the Light Language daily and that was moving mountains within me.
So, I cut down to one pleasure read and one helpful read.  I still finished 3 of the 4 books in a day but they’d been almost done anyway.
Last night, as I turned off my Kindle app on my phone, I realized I wanted to do some exercises in some of what I’d been reading.   I quietly lay in bed and consciously started breathing.  It was lovely…I could feel the life energy flowing into me.  I tried a variation mentioned in Yvonne ‘ s book that I was still working on finishing. ..  it was breathe in then hold for a four count, exhale, hold for a four count.
As I started getting the rhythm down, something shifted in my awareness.  I entered an altered state and felt my essence change,  grow and become lighter.  I could feel my body vibrating rapidly, and my body glowed gently. ..I could barely feel the bed below me or my precious little dog laying up against me, we’d all merged.  There was NO separateness.   This is a belief of mine, and always has been,  but to have it so blatantly shown to me was so rewarding and exciting.  I felt a sense of completeness about me…I asked myself, “What just happened?”,” we are completely integrated”, was the answer. “Who?” I asked, but I knew…”Kal’le’la’da”. I am whole now. 
After spending the day processing I’ve come to the understanding and belief that my walk-in experience has finally finished settling into this body.  I feel so much more…Together.  Calm and well, settled.  
For those of you wishing to learn more about Walk-in, Light Language,  Ascension,  or being an Empath,  I strongly encourage you to read one or many of Yvonne M. Perrys books. They are clear, loving and helpful.

Tears of pain, bring cleansing

I hurt, again.  After 6+ weeks of being pain free…I hurt….agonizingly,  gut wrenchingly…heartbreakingly. …I lay alone in my bed as my kids and niece go on day trips I’ve planed and cry.  Not tears of self pity but of anguish and anger.  I cry feelings that have been brought to the surface of the dreary water of my life.  
I’ve been given the blessings of healing, where did it go?  I’ve meditated and prayed with a love and gratitude filled heart…where did it go?  I’ve shared the stories of my healing to those that would hear of them….where did it go?  Where did the healing go?!! My heart cries out, in anger and frustration,  why did it leave me?…what did I do wrong?
Nothing…murmur my guides, my Archangels Gabriel and Zadkiel. ..you’ve done nothing wrong.
Then why, I cry… tears of anguish dripping down my cheeks….
And with those tears, comes healing and understanding. ..
I’ve taken on another load of downloads,  a higher vibration,  and my body is desperately trying to meld with it..
By me getting upset, I throw a wrench in the whole system…blocking frequencies and slowing vibration. ..
Damn you’d think I’d know by now, SURRENDER,  ALIGN AND ALLOW. ..
Every day.  Basically all day.
Now, tears streaming down my face, catching in my eyelashes,  and along my lips and chin…quiver in the vibration of my laughter my joyful noise, my understanding of the gifts I’ve been givin…
Surrender to the way things are, Align with the new coming in, Allow the changes t o be made…..REJOICE in the Gratitude I can express.

Blessings and love,
Kal’le’la’da Lynne

Second time around healing

Yesterday I posted that I was hurting for the first time in weeks.   The Universe heard my pleas and the Divine answered.  Again last night I had a healing experience and new information download. .. Some stuff at this point I’m still trying to make heads or tails of but I can share that the only reason I hurt today is because I abused my muscles by writing in bed for 2 hours, 2000 words for my upcoming book. And while I’m proud of the achievement it still made my neck and shoulders sore, lol…since I was transcribing my voice recording from last night’s experience it took longer than it normally would. 
I feel the need to reiterate from my first blog about how I believe in miracles,  Surrender is the Key!  If you can SURRENDER, ALLOW AND ALIGN you are steps ahead in the game of life, love and healing.  Surrender your fears, pains, hopes and dreams.  Not give up!  No Surrender, release from your “control” ,release expectations, and Allow the Universe, God or whatever you believe in, to rush in and fill that place of Surrender with healing.  If then you can Align, your “bodies” spiritual, physical, emotional,  mental, etc. Then, you can receive the outpouring love that refules, recharges,  and refines you.  Once you align with yourself and the Divine essence your life will vastly improve.
Remember this, your ” bodies” want to be aligned it is their natural state.
Many blessings,
Kal’le’la’da Lynne

Feeling different. ..

I’m feeling especially different today…I’m wondering if I’m in the right place, at the right time…I’m wondering if I’m the right person for the job…what job?  Fixing this life, fixing relationships,  and loving unconditionally,  oh ya those jobs.
I hurt today for the first time in weeks, I’m trying to let it go, and being only somewhat successful.  I said that I would be happy with however long I had pain free, so am I to embrace the pain?  Or refuse it and instead hang on to the concept of being totally healed? 
It’s a difficult decision,  I Want to be well, these past few weeks have been the best of my life… but if I am not meant to be completely well I don’t want to make it worse by fighting the inevitable. ..that’s just depressing.
How do you know which path to take?  For someone such as I, who seems to see others so clearly,  it is frustrating as hell to not be a ble to see your own path.
I think I’ll just surrender, let go, of all expectations,  and wants and instead.
.. live now, in the moment,  whatever that is.
Kal’le’la’da Lynne