New stuff…

Yep… We moved, finally!  A new home is so amazing. Fresh energy, new viewpoint.  It’s so wonderful…well after the initial move that is.

Like with any change in life there’s a time of stress, worry and exertion. Whether it’s mental, emotional, or physical, it is part of change. This is chaos in it’s natural form.  First there is a time of chaos and upheaval.  Then a time of growth and then the bloom of contentment. A time of joy.  If you can be aware throughout the process the joy ride is great.  If instead you fight it, well that can become hell on Earth.  True hell exists in the mind and heart of humans trapped in circumstances that they themselves have created. Now, that doesn’t mean that that hell doesn’t have a purpose.  It may have a huge impact on your life.  You may need that expressly to change your direction away from a harmful situation. Or possibly to take a leap of faith.

Growth will happen.  Its up to you how you will experience it. Change is neither something bad nor something to be afraid of.  It is something you, yourself have manifested for the betterment of your life.  Embrace it and dance with the flow of life.



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