Mis-placed Honor, Mis-spent Respect

Do we honor those who haven’t earned it?  Do we place our esteem upon the unworthy?  Do we continually place our trust in the hands of the untrustworthy?

What is wrong with our world?!  With Societies where we place Faith in false idols, mans idols which bring about death, war and murder?!  Where millions are paid to those that entertain us and funding is cut in out outdated schools. Shame on us!

Peace is ridiculed as somthing only “tree huggers” want and “the business of war” is touted as a career!  Sick!  We praise our Veterans but don’t care for them, they starve and die in our streets.

Our Government feed us bullshit by the ton via TV, newspapers and social media and its gobbled up. Wake up!  Where is the honor in taking over, oh, pardon me, “helping ” another country by dominating their country with our beliefs, systems and policies?

Aren’t we civilized?  What are we as a country and society to better our planet, our people, our society?

I know there is a small percentage of us that are praying, working and making peace happen in our lives and the lives of those around us. I honor and respect you. To you I tip my hat.  I bow low. Thank you!  You do us all proud.

We ALL need a new pied piper, someone playing a new melody. One of conservation, love and peace; equality for all people-everywhere!  Not just the wealthy and well connected.

I believe in the power of the people.  I believe in hope, peace , trust, and love!  I believe in the greater good of men and women all across this beautiful world we live on.  Let’s embrace each other in love, let us work side by side to repair the social, economic and physical damages done all across our Earth.


Kali- Lynne

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