Fear vs. Faith…Moving On


Faith- I got this back in ’08- the year before I died. 

I’m sorry it’s been so long since I posted,  things got real crazy ’round here.   I mean CR CRA CRAZ CRAZY😬!  My little family have been harassed. And threatened. And finally forced to move- might I say with NO where to go to. We were ‘given’ the option of moving willingly in 10 days or being legally evicted. For a bunch of trumped up charges and straight up lies. Wow. Really?  Thanks so much!  I took the deal, after praying and meditating on the eventual outcome,  beautiful Divine Source assured me it was the right move. But damn it’s hard to have that kind of faith sometimes. Especially when your family is looking to you to guide them. 

I’ve lost 20lbs in the last month and a half…from stress.  But. Through it all, we the whole little bunch of us have had faith. Faith in each other, in our Rights,  in our Creator. It’s been a terribly beautiful experience. We are closer than ever before, having to fully depend on each other for love, support , and of course… Comic relief!

I’ve been guilty of falling into the despair of fear these past couple of months, I admit it. I’m not perfect, well… I’m perfectly human, so I worry, I mean WORRIED a lot. Thank goodness I have tools and friends.  I spent a lot of time in meditation and prayer, trying desperately to stay centered and connected to Source. To stay in faith I would replace every fear based sentence,whether spoken or not, with a faith based sentence, it helped.  Of course prayer and meditation are priceless in my life anyway. Oh and crying. Lots of crying… In the beginning.  

I was scared. You see I’ve been homeless before. I collected pennies from the ground to save enough to eventually get a bit to eat. I slept on the ground. I bathed in gas station bathrooms.  I’m not proud of it but it is a part of my past,  I refuse to go back to it and live it again and I was fearful that’s what would happen.  

The 10 days counted down, I got sick, stomach flu for 4 days. My daughter  got sick with a severe sinus infection. We were sick in bed Half of our allotted time!  “God, this can’t be!” I thought. My lovingUniverse will provide ALL I NEED!  I slowly got a little better. We packed and moved in 48 hours to a storage facility.   Oh shit! Now what?  Well the kids could go stY with Damon’s dad. He offered, whew.  I didn’t have a clue where I was going.  

 We were, and still are, convinced that we’ve found our perfect next home, but the management if processing it very slowly.   So I prayed and meditated. And prayed and meditated. And prayed and meditated…lol oh and cried… Just a little bit.   Two days before we had to be out my mom calls… Late,  she never calls late. We talk and our prayers and faith have been rewarded, my parents offered to put us up for a month or so until we find/get a place!  Thank you Divinity!!  Thank you folks!

As of this morning we are sill waiting for our perfect home to drop into our lap, lol. But…we have FAITH that it will!

Blessing to you all, 


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