A Night of Heartache and Healing

Last night started with a fever and chest/lung pain. It was so painful I felt like someone had stabbed me with a knife in the heart. I thought, “this is emotional pain, not just phyical dis-ease but an emotional backlash from my life.” 

As a walk in I am the caretaker of this body and its cellular memory that was left behind. As well as healing the body, I am here to heal the emotional body also. It can at times be a bit overwhelming. But it’s what I signed on for and I’m grateful for the opportunity of this life.  I’ve been through so many changes in the past year that I believe that what happened was that I finally overloaded and needed a sit down with my self to deal with it all.   From remembering that I am a walk in to having to really step into the role of mom and whatnot with the family. It’s been a powerful year but it’s also been very difficult at times. I’m honored to be here attending to my purpose, that of helping raise the vibration of the human race and help heal the Conscious Mind by healing both myself and others. 

As I sat on my bed and began to meditate on the pain and emotion behind the pain I realized I really hadn’t Dealt with anything in a while.   Realizing this I let go of all my little self my ego and brought in my new over soul/monad and higher self. I filled myself with pure love and “saw” dark energy as emotional pain gathered at my lower body. I felt it fully acknowledged it as useful in the past and now outdated and released it.  This process lasted over an hour. I would fill myself with light and love them become overwhelmed with sadness and pain. Then I would “look” at that pain and release it as throughly as I could. I feel like it was completely removed and healed but I’ve been mistaken before. I’m being grateful and patient with myself. 

I realized that I had closed off my heart and even though in the past two months I’ve reopened it I’ve been shutting it down on occasion. I’m proud to say that today im consciously opened up and sooooo blissful. 

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