“You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe deserve your love and affection.” – Buddha

November 26, 2014

Well my book is down to the last four or so chapters, then the first draft will finally be done!  Two years in the birthing process can become a major labor of love.  But I’m proud to say I’ve stuck with it.  My new Spiritually influenced book Indigo Rising by Kali’lada Lynne Hale will hopefully be ready for first printing by Fall of 2015.  I can’t wait.  Here is an excerpt from my book Indigo Rising:


 Living From A Place of Gratitude

Humble; joyful; gracious; happy; thankful; worshipful; prayerful; appreciation; grateful…

Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines Gratitude thusly:

:  A feeling of appreciation or thanks

                Living from a place of gratitude is a choice, like everything else in life.  It’s like saying “I choose Love.” “I choose gratitude”, is actually one of the best ways of living from love.  If we fill our life with words and actions of gratitude: a feeling of appreciation or thanks; this wonderful feeling will eventually overwhelm any darkness or despair that may be occurring or reoccurring.  I’m not saying that it will cure every chemical imbalance but it will elevate your emotions and with that bring relief to even the darkest day. Many of us are going through dark nights of the soul, times that are full of spiritual trials and depression; these temporary places of emotional pain can be alleviated.

A lifting of emotion is as simple as a choice to want to feel gratitude; simple but not necessarily easy.  Remembering that each experience is a lesson; not good or bad, but something to learn and grow from; can help you move through the darker, heavier emotions. I realize this is sometimes difficult to do, for added help, remember to call upon your angels, archangels, spirit guides, ascended masters and advanced beings.  Because of your free will many cannot/will not help unless asked, but once asked they are right there beside you, aiding in any way they can. (See chapters on Angels/Archangels, Spirit Guides and Ascended Masters)

Living from a place of gratitude is an action; feeling, giving and showing gratitude are all actions.  These actions, in my mind and heart, are the living, beating heart of expressing love.  Is it not important in every religion, every known spiritual practice to show gratitude?  The expression of gratitude can be something simple like admiring a flower that brings you beauty or sweet scent; or as complex as orchestrating a feed the homeless program.  Remember that any action you put forth will bring returns to you tenfold.  Mind you, gratitude should be expressed with no strings attached.    Any expression of love should be given freely, expecting nothing in return, simply for the joy of giving:  A smile to someone down, a handful of change to the needy, a coat to one who’s cold, shelter to one who is homeless.  In my experience, a smile is a priceless commodity.  During the time that I was homeless and living in my car, I was pointed at, cussed at and ridiculed; but I was also given food, a place to bathe and a warm hearted smile.  Ask me which actions I remember more vividly?  Any action borne of love is met with gratitude and thus easier to pay it forward.

They say that even the most destitute can find joy and gratitude.  I know that I did.  The simple pleasures of human contact when living in isolation brought me such joy it was almost painful.  A kind smile or heartfelt handshake when feeling down or stressed out can help calm and center a person.  Never discount the value of human contact; whether it is eye contact or a loving embrace, they are, at times, the only anchor we have in this chaotic world we currently live in

On a professional note, I’ve Re Opened my Spiritual Energy Healing and Guidance business Spiritual Blessings-Heart Centered Services just this month and am now accepting clients; which feels so wonderful.  I revamped and narrowed down my services to just three choices.  Two are by Donation; Intuitive Reading and Guidance and Light Language Transmissions.   Then the biggie, my unique Energy Healing with Light Language, which is so powerful that it only takes minutes to feel the effects.  This service is on Special for the Grand Re Opening of Spiritual Blessings- Heart Centered Services.  I am so proud of these services; it has been a long time building, about a decade, to achieve the tools to create something so unique and powerful.

 “I scheduled a 15 minute session with Lynne.  we picked a time where I could be open to receive.  I told her afterward that I felt energy swirling all around me and a voice that told me I had nothing to worry about.  the experience was both comforting and dynamic.  when I woke up the next morning, the first thing I noticed was that I was feeling better on all levels.  My experience with Lynne was positive and I love her nurturing attitude.

Sue O- Artist

If you are interested in my Healing work, please check out my new website:

If you like you can friend or follow me on Face book as Kali’lada Lynne and see my new Spiritual Blessings-Heart Centered Services page, which will include my posts from my Spiritual blog.  I look forward to reading your comments and suggestions for my site, as well as sharing your Spiritual Path through Service.  I can’t wait to set you up with an appointment and serve you.  You can access all my contact information on  Come and get active in your Spiritual development.    I look forward to serving you.

On the personal front things are really moving in my Spiritual process and I’ve finally, after five long years, seated my soul into this body.  I have recently received new downloads of my prior manifestation, finally linking my past 12th Dimensional Light body’s wisdom and knowledge.  I’ve uncovered more of my spiritual purpose; Sacred Geometry and Human Ascension, genetic restructuring through Light, Sound and Sacred Geometry.  Wow!   So exciting.  I finally feel ready to move forward on my Path.  Since I walked in, in 2009, I’ve been through much growth; emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  Yet, I was trapped in this disabled body, broken by prior damage done by the last soul piece within this body.   The abuse, physical and emotional was astounding, and quite honestly put me straight into shock when I came in.  I “slept” for three years, denying who I knew I was and the reality of my situation.  It’s pretty embarrassing to admit I was a big coward.  But, in retrospect, I can seed I needed that time down to assimilate into my new existence here and to come to terms with the mess I was given to clean up, left over from the prior soul’s experiences.

But that all changed last June, 2013.  I had a profound reawakening and finally started to accept my role here on Earth.  Embracing my body has been the biggest challenge; driven by constant pain and disability, with a body governed by fear and misery. I hated it, sought to escape it.  I felt I had bitten off more than my share and swallow it all down.  But, finally this past Saturday, I fully accepted and embraced my body, mind and spiritual aspects.  I made peace with my body and tapped into Universal Healing.  I went from cripple to powerful in just one night.

My loving ever faithful “Handlers” have given me such gifts since their arrival in May of this year.  I’ve been given gifts of Healing, Love (Self) and Balance between the physical and Spiritual.

My story is nothing short of miraculous.  I’ve been given a huge gift, this manifestation, here, now.  I’m on the cusp of something great and I can’t wait.

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