Self-willed boundaries…

I dreamt the other night, about riding horses through corrals,  paddocks and fences.  I was trying to get free.  To Be free.  We would find some freedom from the enclosures for a while, racing through the night.   Hair streaming and tears tearing from my eyes, what joy!  What freedom!
Only to find myself fenced, again. What did it mean, I wondered as I awoke. I intuitively knew then, even as I asked, that this dream represented my self-imposed boundaries.  The  limitations I’ve places upon myself. The boundaries that keep me “SAFE”.
I realized , with some introspection,  that I’ve grown beyond those boundaries, borders and fences.  I am ready to fly in the face of life, to embrace the uncertainty of the journey.  I have grown beyond my self-willed limitations.  
In the act of self improvement,  and self discovery, I have pushed and broken through the fences that once kept me in…I am greater than before.
I can only hope that this journey of life can fulfill the undeniable cravings I have for… growth, unfolding, and love.  I dream of time much different from now, times of peace and love, tranquility and abundance… I only hope to be here still when these dreams become reality.

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