Light body merging

Wow!  Another healing session, this time I’m not sure what to name it… my Oversoul? Higher self? Soul Fragment?  Anyway whatever was missing is now returned.
Let’s go back a couple of weeks. .. I’ve been reading 4 books by Yvonne M . Perry. ..all, on the ascension process,  walk-ins,  empaths and such…I know four, you say?!  Well, what can I say to that , except. …yep, four.
I guess Spirit felt like that was too much, too.  I flipped my trusty Kindle onto the floor from my bed and …well…stepped on it!  I’m not ashamed to say it, I cried.   Not only was it a priceless gift from daughter but on days when I hurt, my window into other worlds.  I did have the presence to ask, tears dripping, “why?”  Basically I got, “slow your ass down!”  Evidently I’d been ignoring signs, again.
I’d just been so happy with all the growth and healings I’d been having that I wasn’t looking at what hell I was putting my body, mind and emotions through.  I took time and finally looked…ouch…I’d been bent on learning so much that I wasn’t giving myself time to even start to assimilate what I’d been learning.   Not to mention that I’d started talking and singing in the Light Language daily and that was moving mountains within me.
So, I cut down to one pleasure read and one helpful read.  I still finished 3 of the 4 books in a day but they’d been almost done anyway.
Last night, as I turned off my Kindle app on my phone, I realized I wanted to do some exercises in some of what I’d been reading.   I quietly lay in bed and consciously started breathing.  It was lovely…I could feel the life energy flowing into me.  I tried a variation mentioned in Yvonne ‘ s book that I was still working on finishing. ..  it was breathe in then hold for a four count, exhale, hold for a four count.
As I started getting the rhythm down, something shifted in my awareness.  I entered an altered state and felt my essence change,  grow and become lighter.  I could feel my body vibrating rapidly, and my body glowed gently. ..I could barely feel the bed below me or my precious little dog laying up against me, we’d all merged.  There was NO separateness.   This is a belief of mine, and always has been,  but to have it so blatantly shown to me was so rewarding and exciting.  I felt a sense of completeness about me…I asked myself, “What just happened?”,” we are completely integrated”, was the answer. “Who?” I asked, but I knew…”Kal’le’la’da”. I am whole now. 
After spending the day processing I’ve come to the understanding and belief that my walk-in experience has finally finished settling into this body.  I feel so much more…Together.  Calm and well, settled.  
For those of you wishing to learn more about Walk-in, Light Language,  Ascension,  or being an Empath,  I strongly encourage you to read one or many of Yvonne M. Perrys books. They are clear, loving and helpful.

2 thoughts on “Light body merging

  1. Oh this is so precious! and exciting!
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