Tears of pain, bring cleansing

I hurt, again.  After 6+ weeks of being pain free…I hurt….agonizingly,  gut wrenchingly…heartbreakingly. …I lay alone in my bed as my kids and niece go on day trips I’ve planed and cry.  Not tears of self pity but of anguish and anger.  I cry feelings that have been brought to the surface of the dreary water of my life.  
I’ve been given the blessings of healing, where did it go?  I’ve meditated and prayed with a love and gratitude filled heart…where did it go?  I’ve shared the stories of my healing to those that would hear of them….where did it go?  Where did the healing go?!! My heart cries out, in anger and frustration,  why did it leave me?…what did I do wrong?
Nothing…murmur my guides, my Archangels Gabriel and Zadkiel. ..you’ve done nothing wrong.
Then why, I cry… tears of anguish dripping down my cheeks….
And with those tears, comes healing and understanding. ..
I’ve taken on another load of downloads,  a higher vibration,  and my body is desperately trying to meld with it..
By me getting upset, I throw a wrench in the whole system…blocking frequencies and slowing vibration. ..
Damn you’d think I’d know by now, SURRENDER,  ALIGN AND ALLOW. ..
Every day.  Basically all day.
Now, tears streaming down my face, catching in my eyelashes,  and along my lips and chin…quiver in the vibration of my laughter my joyful noise, my understanding of the gifts I’ve been givin…
Surrender to the way things are, Align with the new coming in, Allow the changes t o be made…..REJOICE in the Gratitude I can express.

Blessings and love,
Kal’le’la’da Lynne

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