Second time around healing

Yesterday I posted that I was hurting for the first time in weeks.   The Universe heard my pleas and the Divine answered.  Again last night I had a healing experience and new information download. .. Some stuff at this point I’m still trying to make heads or tails of but I can share that the only reason I hurt today is because I abused my muscles by writing in bed for 2 hours, 2000 words for my upcoming book. And while I’m proud of the achievement it still made my neck and shoulders sore, lol…since I was transcribing my voice recording from last night’s experience it took longer than it normally would. 
I feel the need to reiterate from my first blog about how I believe in miracles,  Surrender is the Key!  If you can SURRENDER, ALLOW AND ALIGN you are steps ahead in the game of life, love and healing.  Surrender your fears, pains, hopes and dreams.  Not give up!  No Surrender, release from your “control” ,release expectations, and Allow the Universe, God or whatever you believe in, to rush in and fill that place of Surrender with healing.  If then you can Align, your “bodies” spiritual, physical, emotional,  mental, etc. Then, you can receive the outpouring love that refules, recharges,  and refines you.  Once you align with yourself and the Divine essence your life will vastly improve.
Remember this, your ” bodies” want to be aligned it is their natural state.
Many blessings,
Kal’le’la’da Lynne

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