Falling. ..

Falling….or is it floating?   Wow, I really don’t know.  Maybe a bit of both, yes that feels right.  I don’t know that I’ve ever really been in LOVE before. As a walk in I’ve not had experience with this yet.  Have I loved, oh yes, deeply, as a mother,  friend, daughter, and sister, but been In love….between a woman and a man, no.  My prior soul piece never really had either… lust… yes, infatuation. ..yes.  But deep abiding love…no. 
What a beautiful thing to be open to experience this great, majestic feeling.  I am finally in a position of completion,  and able, willing and wanting to experience such an expansion of the heart and soul.
I’m reading the book The Soulmate Experience and from what I’m witnessing of myself, feel like I’m healthy enough to open myself for a soul bonding,  a life partner and best friend.  
I think it must be a difficult thing…to ready one’s self, to release all of our attachments and become able and willing to give and receive unconditionally,  with love but no attachments.
I really feel like I have a leg up, for even though I came into a deep pile of emotional garbage, none was of my own making and hence, I believe, easier to release.  Not that it’s ever Easy to do emotional work, it was just easier to release it all, once I figured out that I didn’t need to be attached to any of it, then it was just a matter of letting go.
Sounds kinda easy huh?  Nope it’s taken 5 years of intense work to even come to the understanding that it wasn’t my crap to begin  with.  I can only imagine how much more work it would be if you lived a full life here, experiencing,  growing and being raised  by traditional families. ..ugh.  I’ve been privy to the damages that can and are done ” for the best” of that person…what a mess.  I’m so grateful that the world is awakening and becoming more aware of the damage or healing that a simple turn of phrase can make.  As they said in the ’70’s “make love not war”. 
For those of you in a Soul mate relationship,  I honor you.  For any that are in transitional relationships I still honor you, for those can be just as intense emotionally and energetically.   Having only had soul mates as friends not as a love relationship I don’t really know how to compare them…If you can at all.  But…I’m ready to find out what it’s like, so, Universe, bring it on!
Love and blessings, 
Kal’le’la’da Lynne

One thought on “Falling. ..

  1. It’s truly amazing when one’s soul can reach the state of unconditional love without attachment. It’s a realization at first like … What took me so long? lol! Even with other circumstances thereafter … it still can take a while to make those transitions, but when they are done one by one–it becomes quicker and quicker with each attachment we have … it’s like releasing the image of a cloud that was once there and now has dissipated. And, one’s soul knows it is good and peace is experienced. Great insights, Thank You, Lynne


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