I believe in miracles…

Last night on Friday the 13th a night of the full moon…A powerful night by anyone’s standards,  I had a visitation.  The Ascended Masters and a few spiritual friends came to me while I fitfully slept, in pain, I have suffered from chronic pain for going on 19 years. ..  they came to me and helped me heal my broken body, mind and emotions.   I was purified from the inside out.  I aligned to the powerful energy flowing through me, as I am a strong conduit, and found my self aligned like never before.   All bright white/blue energy flowing through me, purifying all it touched. 
I fought it at first feeling only the pain of being out of alignment, orange/red the power burned me, I thought I would die.  But my friends whispered suggestions to my broken mind, “allow the energy to flow through you, align yourself with the energy , go with the flow and the pain will disappear”, they murmured encouragement to me, gently guiding me along the healing path.  So I unfurled from my fetal position, and aligned with the flow and was healed.  
This morning I awoke full of energy, vitality and Gratitude.   I’ve been able to do more in one morning than I normally do in a week, all without pain…my old companion…no more.
I am free.

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