Becoming. ..

I am becoming,  becoming what?  More, more than I was, more than I am now.  I am becoming what I was before.  Before I shut down, that first day that I a woke.  More than human, less than I will be when I reach enlightenment. .. Some day. 
I was enlightened when I arrived,  then life got in the way.  I forgot, shut down, put up walls, separating me….from , me. And from you. And from Source.  My bad….
I caved into fear, fear of being blinded by the light. The light of all of us combined, is blinding. Someone fed me fear and I swallowed it down, embracing the cancerous mass. 
But now, I am breathing in the Light, again.  Welcoming in the love, of me, of you, of Source. 
I am becoming,  what I’ve always meant to be.  Light, Love, Source. 
I will no longer live in mediocrity,  shutting myself away, being less so that others don’t feel threatened,  by my light, my love, my truth, by me being more.  
We are all becoming,  awakening,  transforming.   Let us grab hold of one another and rejoice in our oneness. Our Unity. 
Be bold, be brave, be LOVE.

With all my love…

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