excerpt from Memoirs of an Indigo…What’s In a Name?

What’s in a name? For me, personally, quite a bit. They are the song of my soul, the definition of who I am they are the culmination of my life’s experiences, up to that point, at that time. As I’ve grown as a spiritual being my names have changed, evolving as I have. Often times my names have come to me through the Elders, a benevolent group of Teachers and Ascended Masters of all races, religions, spiritualities. Some names I found on my own, in the very early years when I didn’t have the ears to hear the etheric realm. Only the eyes to see…

January 1990 nighttime, in the foothills outside of Lake Don Pedro, CA ~ by Lynne Margaret Hale (walked out soul piece channeled in)
I sit mesmerized by the dancing flames in the teepee’s fire pit. Cold fingers tickle up my back as the wind gust through the tied door flap. I shiver, teeth rattling, the old man in front of me smiles, pictures of fire dance in his patient eyes as they glow with wisdom and other- worldliness. I’d never met an Elder before, never expected the rush of emotions flooding through me; wonder, adoration, anticipation(of what I didn’t know), a taste of fear(although I didn’t know why), a sense of hunger for knowledge. To keep from shaking I clasp my hands, cold and clammy in my lap. Shivering uncontrollably, not from cold, although it is bitter out, no, I await something, something remarkable to happen. The old man is talking, his words floating around me as I gaze deeper and deeper into the fire.
Visions dance in and out of view, before my wondering eyes; faces, bodies; dancing, whirling and flowing, flickering within the radiant light. I am lost, I fall in and find myself continuing to spiral down into the heart of the great being; FIRE Guardian of the South Winds. Surprised, I stare into a pair of burning glowing coal like eyes. They reflect my wonder filled face. Slowly and ever so softly I change into that essence, that brightly burning being within the ember filled flames. Ember, I am Burning Ember!
I laugh out loud, and find myself sitting in front of the fire pit again. The old man across from me gently asked, “Who are you?”
I make eye contact with him over the leaping flames, and say proudly, “I am Burning Ember.”
He smiles his toothless smile and nods his head, a brief recognition of having passed my first initiation.

Sometime around  March 1990 early morning in hills outside of La Grange Ca.
Several months later, my pregnant belly was starting to show. I was distraught, a single mother at nineteen, damn, what a mess my life was. Taking the curves on the road at breakneck speeds I fly along the back country. Golden sun dripping down upon me. I dip down and come around a blind curve, and gasp. The whole valley is filled with morning fog, dew dripping like diamonds along the tall grasses and low bushes. The majestic old Oaks, Spanish moss suspended from their immensely spreading branches, seem to be speaking to me. I slowed, rolling down my window I listen to the early morning voices of creation.
I lose myself in the soft caress of the morning mist along my skin. The Sun shines brightly above the cool haze, adding an unreal cast to it all. Everything glowing, and sparkling, seemingly touched with new life. I touch my small belly and the child growing within. I knew it was a girl, could see her, blond hair flying as we danced round in the silent mist. I exit the car and embrace the misty morning dew, letting it caress and rejuvenate me. I feel cold hands of mist gently stroking along my skin. Murmuring in my ears as a soft sigh, She says” I am Mist, take me into you, feed your soul and the soul of your daughter. For Mist is the nurturing mother of all the earth.” I close my eyes, feeling love and caresses along my damp skin, diamonds of dew depend from my hair, my skin becoming illuminated from within. I breathe deeply, pulling in Her essence. I feel an expansion within me, within my heart and soul. I am blessed with a vision of myself and my daughter dancing on the damp jewel encrusted hills. My heart singing and tears gliding down my cheeks, I ask the Mist, “I have embraced you, allowing you to fill all the dark corners with your luminosity. Who do you name me?” Sighing a laugh, she replied, “Morning Mist.” For you are like the morning, young and fresh.” I laughed, giddy with joy, swirling around in the bright Morning Mist.

Namaste’  (oh I received a new name recently, i’m very honored to share it with you)

K’al ‘Le ‘La’Da Lynne

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