Lovers do no hide their nakedness.


Congolese Proverb




I see so deeply within myself.

Not needing my eyes,

I can see everything clearly.

Why would I want to bother my eyes again,

Now that I see the world through His eyes?






Bare, I lay myself open and wait…Ahhhh here it comes, LIGHT, LOVE, PEACE, GRACE.

Source has smiled upon me and we are ONE. But wait…. Aren’t we always?



Before your eyes, beloved, I am bare. Laid open, naked. As I see through your eyes, I behold my perfection, reflected back to me.

Your eyes, those that see so clearly, shine forth with love and acceptance for all that I am. As I stand as lovers do, I bare my soul to you.

My beloved, how clearly I see, you with eyes unveiled, and you gazing back at me. A perfect reflection of love we make, I reach out and sink into you.


-L’YA-ANA to the DIVINE-

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