September 9, 1996 The Accident and Living With The Pain- The beginning, excerpt from the book….

Whether or not you believe in soul pieces or crossed over souls, Higher Selves or Angels coming to help, I do.  It is important that since this accident and dis-ease (fibromyalgia) started with the walk out part of my soul that we invite her back in to communicate as best as she can the circumstances  and emotions, and sensations that go along with this event.  We will strive to make an authentic seamless reckoning of this matter.  When doing this kind of remembering, it is important to remember not to re-live the encounter.  It is not necessary.  What is necessary is that you look at the facts and what you believe to be true, then you can make new agreements based on your reality now, instead of the illusions from before.  Breaking old beliefs and creating new powerful, positive agreements is the healing process.

by Lynne Margaret Williams Hale

The Beginning, September 9, 1996

In 1996 I had just turned 26 years old, was in the best shape of my life, and was working a steady job with a lot of potential for advancement and career opportunities.  I was “on top of the world”.  Tenaya was 6 years old and almost ready for first grade.  I was dating Daniel, life was good.  It was all finally coming together, or so it seemed.

Unfortunately, my drug use had picked up again to several times a week, but especially on the Friday/Saturday overnight/doubles we worked.

It was one of the mornings afters, Saturday morning, that i found myself writing a letter to Daniel, about what I don’t remember, we’d had an argument.  I felt it was very important at the time though.  I worked on it much longer than i intended and was running very late, I was to run Tenaya out to Sherry and Clint’s in Waterford for the weekend.  Daniel and I were headed to the coast in Monterey to see my niece Kasi get baptized on Sunday September 10th, 1996.

…We never made it to the Coast.

I never made it out of the Valley….

Ida Gunderson never saw sunset.

In the space of a heart beat two worlds were radically altered.  Completely, totally, irrefutably changed in the worst way possible.

There was a car accident. I hit Ida Gunderson as she (in her car) was trying to make it across the busy Oakdale/Waterford Highway.  I had only just dropped Tenaya off at Clint and Sherry’s around the corner. ((authors note)) ( I find it interesting that the more I get involved writing this, the more pain comes in, physically and emotionally.  This is good, it’s healing.)

You see, Ida, bless her heart, was an elderly lady (in her 80’s) and couldn’t twist around to see around the large post in the ground along side her car.  Plus her reflexes weren’t as acute as in a younger person, all this and trying to cross a very busy road, into direct sun light with traffic moving at roughly 70 mph.  Unfortunately I happened to be who she pulled out in front of.  First I’m watching her ( Knew something was up with her) then I glance across to the left to check the cars over there on the left, then… she was in front of me.

(I always start crying now, so please excuse me while I do. I’m working on releasing this from my spirit, mind and body.  Thank you for being a part of my healing.)  Well, after stepping away and making a lifeline phone call and re connecting with my Higher /self; I’m back and ready to rock.

Next thing, I see her looking at me, we make eye contact, soul contact it is the most intimate moment of our lives. Then, gut wrenching impact, horrendious sounds of metal on metal and so much more hell I never want to experience again.

My truck finally comes to a stop.  The air bag deflates, I can see.  A nightmare looms out of my window.  on my left, right next to my door is a telephone pole.  attatched to my truck on the right side is Ida’s car.  Ida’s passed out in the drivers seat, and bloody in her car.  She would never waken again.

I am being talked to…what are they staying?  “It’s not your fault, you couldn’t have missed her.”  Well, bullshit, of course it’s my fault, I hit her, right?  The horns are blaring, smoke com-busts to flames in our engines, I’m trying to get in to help Her.  “No, go sit in my truck, the dog won’t bite.” Dog?” Um, okay.  He hands me his cell phone, I call 911, but someone beat me to it.  I call my parents, Clint and Sherry  and Daniel.  I don’t remember who I was talking to but when the cars burst into flame I lost it. Ida was trapped in there, still strapped in her seat belt.  I gazed at her, wondering how she could look so peaceful.  I understand now, after having my own death experience, that she wasn’t in her body, she’d already crossed over.  That knowledge is a little soothing to my soul.  She was already at peace.  Only I was trapped in HELL.

The EMT’s, Fire department, Sheriff’s and Highway patrol were all there and Medi-flight was on its way.  It took the jaws of life to get her out of the car and transported to Medi-flight which was waiting in a nearby field.  I never saw her again, except behind my eyelids, in my dream both waking and dreaming and of course in my Nightmares.  Oh, how I wish I could unsee her face.  It has terrorized me for over Seventeen years.  But you can’t unsee what’s been seen.

To be continued…

One thought on “September 9, 1996 The Accident and Living With The Pain- The beginning, excerpt from the book….

  1. There’s a sinking feeling in my Being as I read this; I want to burst out and cry. Those quick implementations into life that alter us forever … a transformation that allows for growth in ways we never anticipate thereafter. Whooh!


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