Channeled piece from Kuan Ti on peace…

We are without doubt in a very volatile situation here in the states.  We face war and threats of nuclear war on our own borders.  Times are filled with fear and doubt.  Kuan Ti an ascended war hero and Han dynasty general comes to us with words of comfort and peace. Wisdom knows no boundaries of time and space.  I called him in and he came with strength and vigor…

I asked: how can we obtain peace?

Kuan Ti answered:Peace loving people need to be put into office.  The population of peace loving people must eradicate the fear based government and place those who not only long for peace but believe in it into office.  I and Archangel Michael will work alongside any who fight the peaceful fight.  Live up to your own integrity.  Set standards that those in office will have to rise to meet.  Believe in peace and do what your Higher self commands, in the name of peace.  You cannot fight and battle in the name of Peace.  That is fear.  Bargaining and compromise are words of peace.  Use these tools to gain peaceful footing in the world today.  Compromise and compassion go hand and hand to bring about positive change.

There is a cusp we stand upon as a people, do we sway to the fear side or do we embrace peace and true freedom?  I choose peace.  I turn my back on fear and walk boldly into the Light of Peace and Love.  If each of us do this, think how strong our belief will be, how strong our Presence will be.  We will be undeniable, the government will have to grace us with it’s attention and bow to our beliefs.  How else can we gain the attention and action of the government?  We, have to make the difference, before they will.  Believe my friend, believe in a world of peace and harmony. Then it can manifest.


L’ya Lynne

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