Removal of Blocks and Regaining our Spiritual Nature; Meditation and Prayer

I wanted to gift my friends here on WordPress with a Meditation to help re-establish your spiritual nature.  Being in touch with our Creator fills all the lonely holes in our heart.  It is my sincere wish that you find peace in this Meditation/prayer exercise.  I also would suggest that read it through then record it in your voice, then do the exercise.  It will take approx. 1/2 hour to 40 minuets.  This Meditation will also be included in my upcoming book Memoirs of an Indigo, look for it this Fall.

Let’s get comfortable, sit back and get ready to become a receptive channel for the Divine.

Let’s start with a grateful prayer to open our crown chakras (the pituitary  & pineal glands and the 3rd eye) and our Heart Chakra(front and back)

~Beloved Divine, Please accept this request on our behalf, we come before you now knowing that you know our names, our blockages and our fears.  You also know of  our deep-seated desire to go within and remove these blockages and fears.  Always striving to work towards our soul’s perfection.

We ask for our crown chakras and our heart chakra to be opened and flowing with your beloved grace and love.  And we give thanks for this’  we are humbled by your Divine countenance.  We are reminded that we are meant to be Divine Channels, meant to expand our Mind-Soul and our Spirituality.  We come here before you asking for your guidance on this Journey of Discovery and Healing.

Thank you,


Now, let’s get comfortable, whether lying down or sitting up, with ease and comfort.  close your eyes, take several deep cleansing breaths, deep in, strong exhalation, steady in, steady out, allowing these breaths to relax and calm you.  That’s right…just slow down…listen to the quiet sound of your own breathing and let it pull you down into relaxation even more.

10-feeling relaxed

9-going more and more into a deep state of relaxation

8-releasing and freeing the tension in your body

7-more and more deeply relaxed

6-starting to become light and peaceful

5-you are relaxing deeply and your mind is quiet

4-your are preparing to enter that rich relaxing place of deep relaxation

3-Soooo relaxed

2-moving into that perfect state of deep receptive relaxation

1-here we are totally, perfectly, deeply relaxed, ready to delve deep and heal those blocks…

Just float a moment and as you realize you haven’t felt this relaxed and free for a long time, this relaxed feeling gives you the comfort to relax to the deepest level.

Now, in a moment, we will look around at this level, but for right now, you bask in the Glory and Love of the Divine Spirit, holding up and supporting you and filling you to the overflowing with love.  And as you float and relax, you notice a film over everything.  Like you are losing you sight.  So, you ask, “Am I going blind?”

The answer glides along your skin, “No, but you are not really “seeing” either.”  Only you can take the shroud from your eyes and lighten them on all the wonders.

You state “there is fear here” (in your mind, describe the current fear you are working on.)

You call in your guides, and ancestors, angels and totem’s ALL the light workers that aren’t too busy, to please attend you, now, for these issues are too much to be taken on by yourself.

Now, let’s look at this fear you have…is it present…past…or future?  Please be honest with yourself.  Is this fear from this lifetime or a past one?  Is this fear something you can touch, or one of the mind?  Why are you afraid of it?  Has it hurt you, in what way?  And if it hasn’t hurt you, why do you fear it?

Lets’s look at the fear itself, the thing that steals your strength and your fire.

Now, is it from this lifetime or a past one?

Is this rear something tangible or one of the mind?

Why are you afraid of it? Has it hurt you?  In what way?

If it hasn’t hurt you, why are you afraid?

What things are blocking your sight?  You? Is it deliberate or unintentional?

Will you allow me to guide you to releasing this state of bondage and let you see again?

Together we CAN over come and uncover all the fears you have hidden in the shadows.  Time to face our shadow self and embrace it.  Let’s revel in our own faith and strength.  Let’s pull on the warrior’s mantel and together break through the barriers that keep holding you back.  Ready?  We’re going in deep, have faith and let love guide your way!

Now that we’ve established where, when and what this barrier of fear is from… we can consciously act in our own best interest and look at, own and let go of our fears and blockages of our Shadow self.  For only by doing this shall you be free.  Free to ‘see’, free to grow spiritually, embracing your shadow self-will allow you to completely accept who and what you really are, a sparkler of the Divine.  A piece of Divine Spirit.

As important as accepting all of ourselves, it is equally important to remove the blockages and fears, and free up our energy.

So, now, I want you to see yourself walking along a bright, lit up clay road.  And the sun is shining and God’s love is filling you up, making things sharp and in focus.  The road is smooth and warm on your bare feet, there is a slight breeze…

Then comes a shadow over the sun, a film over all you see.  And in front of you rises out of the ground, a stone wall…

On this wall are squares of feelings.  See them now…written on them are pent-up feelings, doubts, and fears.  Some read; fear, anger, hurt, jealousy, and shame… Others read ‘I’m not good enough, pretty or handsome enough, skinny enough…all the poison from your whole life and past lives has accumulated here in front of you.

As you stand there in horror, all of this negativity that you’d thought of as being Controlled and healed… you think and bend down and scoop up a handful of clay,  and you throw it, Hard< at the wall.  Nothing happens at first, for these fears and blocks have had a long time to solidify.  So, you reach down and scoop up a second handful, and a third, fourth and fifth, until you hear a ‘crack’, and filled with hope you continue to bombard these fears, breaking through a little at a time.  And as you throw these balls of clay, you realize you are feeling the emotions…you may be angry or sad during this breaking down time and that’s OK.  However you feel is just right for you.

And as you break through this wall of pain, fear and blockages, you start to feel rejuvenated and invigorated, so, you throw harder, and faster, until you are a blur of motion and emotion, NOW is the time to release all the pent-up emotions that have been holding you back from your true spiritual nature.  As the holes get bigger and bigger, the Sun breaks through and illuminates you.  Then, all of a sudden, the wall breaks, crumbles, and turns to dust, and is blown away by the slight wind.

You are elated!  you give thanks to Divine spirit for helping bolster your strength of conviction to see this through.  You are filled with Light now, from the inside-out and outside-in!  Your spirit soars, you, are, Free!

You are totally free to express you life in positive, spiritual ways.  there’s nothing to hold you back.  You smile a glorious smile and continue down the lit road, comfortable with yourself, full of gratitude and reveling in your spirituality, which is now free to express itself in every way!  you glow and shine and see all of the Divine.

Now, as you walk along the path, you come to a stairway leading up, up into the clouds.  And you climb those steps…

1-ascending now

2-becoming lighter and lighter

3-moving up into the clouds, now

4-moving effortlessly up and up

5-you are Light and Light is You

6- you are floating up the stairs, now

7-so full of light and love

8-so calm and full of Spirit

9-one more step now

10-you arrive at the top of the stairway

As you arrive at the top of this stairway, you find yourself standing on a landing, in the clouds.  Cool mist surrounds you, refreshing and cleansing, as the mist floats across your skin.  You notice how soothing and rejuvenating this is.  You feel full of light and love.  You walk out on the landing, through dense clouds and com to the end. so , you sit down and wait.  Wait, for the message you feel heavy in the air.  You breathe deeply of the cool, refreshing, moist air.  And as you sit, there is a slight disturbance in the clouds, announcing the arrival of the being that has brought this message to you.

And as you sit in wonder, this beautiful being steps through the clouds and mist, and smiles at you, you smile radiantly back and you realize that you know its name.  Whether it be your guardian angel, spirit guide, one of your ancestors or even an ascended master/teacher, male or female, you’ve been given the gift of their name.  So, you offer you name in return.  then you ask, “What is the message you have for me?”  This lovely being talks to you, it’s voice so beautiful and so sweet and pure; it’s enough to put tears in your eyes.  And this soft and loving voice gives you a message.  A message of self-love and Divine wisdom.  A message for you alone…

When it finishes giving you this special message, it asks if you have any questions for it to answer.  So, you ask,”how can I love myself more?  How can I express my love and spirituality in the best way?”

And as you listen to these very important answers, your mind and heart are filled with Divine Love.  And as you listen, the information is integrated and initiated instantly in you mind and heart, in your whole being.  You feel so grateful and more ‘alert’ and ‘awake’ than ever before.  You feel yourself swell with Divine Spirits love and wisdom, and as you look at your hands you notice them glowing!  You realize you are glowing all over.  You then notice a colored light around you, and know intuitively what this color represents, spiritually.  It could be green or purple, Yellow or orange, maybe it’s pure white or soft pink…any color you see is perfect for you.  And , as you are infused with the wisdom and knowledge of what this color represent in you life and on your path of spirituality, you realize you now know your spiritual path.  This beautiful being has given you the greatest gift, the knowledge of your special mission in life.  As you sit and absorb this information, you feel a vast hole in you being filled, filled with your Divine purpose.  You now know what path to take, what actions to make.  As you acclimate to this new information, you find that you have a gift for your messenger.  You offer it up to it and they smile the most beautiful smile you’ve ever seen, you feel their pleasure and gratitude, which makes you smile in response.  They say goodbye and disappear back into the mist and clouds.

You sit a moment, realizing that your whole perspective on life has shifted, maybe a little, maybe a lot, but it has shifted and doors have been opened.  You are so grateful, your heart swells with love and you start to descend down the stair way.  As you descend, you realize that it is effortless, that you literally float and glide down the staircase.

Going down now, back to the support of mother earth…

10-going down now

9-feeling more awake

8-so full of light and love

7-glowing with Spirit’s love

6-effortlessly moving down, descending

5-feeling more and more aware of your surroundings

4-feeling the firmness of the stairs under your feet

3-coming back to your body now

2-alert and awake, now

1-fully back in your body, feeling the ground beneath you, firm and supportive.  You give thanks and when you’re ready open your eyes and stretch.

I hope you find this meditation helpful on your spiritual quest,

Much love

L’ya Lynne

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