I Bare My Self to Thee

“With the Beloved’s water of life, no illness remains.

In the Beloved’s rose garden of union, no thorn remains.

They say there is a window from one heart to another

How can there be a window where no wall remains?”

from: Thief of Sleep-RUMI

I lay myself bare before you.  I am vulnerable and exposed.  There are no walls to break down, they are all removed.

I’m going to share on a topic of my upcoming book, “Memoirs of an Indigo”. Not just any part, but, in my mind the most important, most personal part in it.  Memoirs has been started three times.  I am back to the original title, “Memoirs of an Indigo”, but it is so much more than that implies.  I’ve revamped it, reformatted it and tweaked the topics.  You need to understand that I am really afraid to share on this topic with you.  But, I feel it necessary for you to understand  where I am coming from.

RUMI said:

  “Dive into the boiling sea of passion, and all grief will run from you.”

I am diving, hoping that no grief will come of it.  I am embracing the power of love and releasing my  fears.

Today I wrote over 3000 words in “Memoirs” on this topic; Death, Re-birth, and Being a Walk In.

First of all, I’ve died three times.  Twice from pneumonia and once from a man.

The first time I was 6 mo. old, obviously I have no recollection of this.  According to one of my spiritual advisers I also went through a huge spiritual initiation at this time.  Can you imagine, at 6 months becoming more aware, and raising your vibration even more, but not being able to articulate or act upon it?

Not too long ago I did a body scan to heal some pain issues.  As I am doing so I find relief from some of my physical and emotional pain and find out some rather shocking information.

Firstly:  I was what is called a walk in coming in during 2009 when I died of double pneumonia/ H1N1.

Secondly:  I found out that “09 wasn’t the first time this  Over soul had had a walk in, there had been one in 1970 with the first bout of pneumonia at 6 months of age.

What is a Walk In?

Well in my case, according to the research I’ve done and my intuition I am a soul piece from the same Over soul of Lynne Margaret Hale.  Just as the first walk in that came in was also a soul piece of the same soul.  We have many layers of souls, hence the Native American tradition of Soul Retrieval.  In this case each soul that walked in was more advanced than the one walking out.  Basically I’m still me, always have been, always will be.  But I am currently the most advanced, highest form of this soul to incarnate.

What do Walk In’s do?

In cases like mine where it is one soul piece leaving and another coming in of the same soul body, we generally start with cleaning/healing our internal and personal relationships.  As you can imagine this can cause quite a disturbance in family dynamics.  Then we start fixing all that we are here to fix, or to share, teach, build or create.

I am coming out of the proverbial closet here.  I just found out that I’m a walk in, and really have just come to accept that. I honestly went into a bit of shock and through a huge identity crisis. I knew I came back different but I didn’t know how different.

I am here to serve, to teach/educate, and share about being a walk in and an Indigo.  First though I need to finish cleaning my own house, repairing damage done to this body, mind and psyche. I need to wipe clean the slate with family and friends that were harmed by the other soul piece in ignorance.  That is my first priority.  Until I get it all in order I can’t help others.  Whether someone is a walk in or Indigo, Lightworker, or Starseed or whatever, we all need to thoroughly need to clean up our lives.  Find those areas that are closed off from the Light, and open the windows of your soul.

My story may seem far fetched to you but it is my story, my reality and in telling you it, I am merely sharing my Truth.

“In love, there is no conditions; you love for no reason, without justification.  You are free to be what you are and allow others to be what they are.”

-don Miguel Ruiz

Always with love,

L’ya-ana Lynne

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