Do you see what I see?

I’ve always seen energy, Light plays before my eyes.  Not auras but pure beautiful energy.  It exists all around nature and creation.  Animate or inanimate objects it doesn’t matter, all things are lit up with the Light of creation.  This has always proved to me that everything is made up of the same STUFF.  I’ve expanded on this viewpoint as I’ve gotten older, but really, the simplistic viewpoint of a child is probably the most accurate.  We are all made up of energy, everything, everywhere.

It is hard to deny the Unity of All when you can see it.  How does one separate him/herself from all of creation when you can see that it’s all the same “stuff”.  Even the air molecules are lit with the same energy light.

Oneness is therefore the natural state of being.  All separateness is an illusion.

Don Miguel Ruiz tell the story of Smoky Mirror in the Four Agreements, this is a wonderful example of how we view our separateness instead of seeing our oneness.  It tells of the illusion or smoke screen between each of us that tells us we are separate from each other.  This illusion is a lie.  In my eyes all of life, all of creation is one entity, one Grand Being.  We are individualized expressions of Oneness.

If you gaze into another beings eyes, there is a sense of oneness, of familiarity.  We are one great Soul family, one great Soul Being.  We are Divinity Incarnate.

If this Oneness is Truth, as I believe it is, then what right do I have to judge, condemn, or disregard anyone?  I would then be doing that action to myself.  Right?  If we are all parts of one consciousness how can I turn my back on or hate another?  Again, I would only be harming myself.  Love one another as you would love yourself.  Treat others with kindness and gentleness as you treat yourself.  Know that that image of the Creator is as perfect as you, in every way.

A single person holds Divine Perfection just as a single drop of the ocean holds the entirety of the sea with in it.  So too does Creation hold the likeness of God within it.  We are each complete refelctions of our Creator.  We are perfect exactly as we are, right now, for right now.

Embrace this…this perfection, this divinity….this Unity.

Can you Imagine it?

Close your eyes,

Now visualize, iridescent purple, white and green; floating, whirling and wafting in front of your eyes.  These colors are translucent, overlaying the vision before you.  Sun kissed hills, pounding ocean, majestic mountains, but not just that…

People are surrounded, lamp posts glow with more than meets the naked eye.  Grass glistens with light embedded dew.

All before you is magical, wondrous and Godly.

When you raise your hand in front of you, you shine, you glow.  You are, like all things make up of Light.  Energy flows around and within all things.

The higher the vibration, the stronger the love you carry, the brighter and more intense the light that emanates from you.

May your way be always lit with love,


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