Welcome to 2014! The Year of Hope!

.  I’d like to start by apologizing for being gone so long, I had some health issues, LoL well to be perfectly honest I’ve had health issues for the past 17+ years.  I won’t bore you with the details, but the long and the short is that I have pain at varying levels throughout the day, throughout the year.  It changes daily.  Anyway, it’s something that I’m working on and actually making some headway on, finally.  🙂

Happy New Year! I for one am looking forward to the upcoming year.  With a fresh start in front of me I feel rejuvenated and invigorated.  On reflection of the happenings of my personal life last year, it was a HUGE year.  I really came into my own, overcoming (with lots of help) many obstacles that had plagued me most of my life.  One of the most important change was in my relationship  with my mom, going from adversarial and confusing, to blooming into one of my most cherished friendships.  It moves me to tears of joy to share this new reality with you, it is so precious and long worked for, and long looked for.  There are days it doesn’t seem real, then I talk to her on the phone or see her (she only lives a couple of blocks away) and we have the most wonderful talks, full of laughter and good tidings…It still seems kind of bizarre at times. But so totally cherished.

So on to my brief but good tidings about the upcoming year…

I like to meditate regularly and have for many years, I also receive intuitive messages frequently through these meditations on various topics and situations.  I feel it is my Higher Self or Divine source (one and the same, right?) guiding me in making decisions I’m faltering on or not clear about.  Each year on New Years, for the past 4 years (I’ll tell you why four years in a minuet), I meditate on the “theme” or guiding thread that will be running through the upcoming year.  Each year I’ve received messages for the collective human population and for my personal growth.  Not surprising the past few years themes have been GROWTH for both myself and the collective.  I always take these messages very seriously for the only started coming to me after my NDE 4 1/2 years ago, in 2009.  It was an amazing experience that changed my life, totally, and many things have happened only because of this experience.  So since that experience and starting in 2010 on or around January 1st of each year I receive a message of this sort.

This year I had trouble settling down to gain some clear insight, or one might say I settled down to much, as I kept falling asleep.  I was beginning to wonder if this particular exercise had run it’s course and was no longer useful.  I tried one more time on the 5th, and as I lay there, deeply meditating I asked what the upcoming theme would be for 2014?  I “hear” HOPE.  Not ever one to take the first answer completely as truth( you know just in case ego has edged in) I question again, what is the theme for 2014?  Then I “see” in my minds eye the numbers 2014 with the word HOPE written below it. This is our Collective theme.  So I lay there quietly allowing for this message to soak into me, I embraced the HOPE that the Divine had sent in my message, into my mind, body, heart and spirit.  The possibilities are limitless, so long as we have Hope.

…next day…

I’m out driving in the early morning and happen to glance to the Eastern sky, there blazing across the sky was the beacon of Hope given biblically, the dove!  Amazing….breathtaking and awesome.

Blessings to all on this glorious New Year

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