Why can’t we all get along?

My mantra for life…Why can’t we all get along?

I’ve never figured out why there has to be wars and fighting.  Aren’t we all one and the same?  What is there to fight about?  It’s all petty ego stuff.  Why can’t we throw it all out the window and start fresh?  As One!  As we are meant to be!  How hard could it really be?  If we all wanted peace wouldn’t that change the world?  Wouldn’t that bring about the utopia so many of us visualize?  Yes!  I think so.  If we all (all us tree-huggin, peace junkies) set in mind “Peace” instead of living in a fear-based world, wouldn’t that bring about huge change?  If we can set aside our minor ( cuz that’s all they are) differences we could create peace.  I believe this with all my heart.  Peace Is Attainable Today!  Not in some distant future, but today.  Give up your addition to fear and embrace the only Truth=Love.

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