The Dark Night of the Soul

Many of us walk through or try to walk the lonely path of the Darkness or Desert Period of the Spirit. Indigos included for we are no different than any other in humanity and in Spirit.  We struggle with feelings of vast loneliness and a sense of estrangement from ourselves, others and Source.

How have I walked through this desert, this all consuming darkness of the Spirit?  Basically, faith.  Not in a God outside of me, but in my own divinity that shine’s a light in the darkness for all to see, myself included.

I’ve found over periods of walking this dark, lonely road, that my strength of Spirit has been forged and honed to the sharpest edge, and each time I become stronger and sharper in Spirit.

Our life purpose and life experiences shape us into beautiful spiritual beings able to shine brightly even in the dark desert night.

There are times, I know, that this dark walk feels eternal, but it is not.  It is just long enough. Long enough for what?  Long enough for each of us to let go of some of our ego, our little Self and turn to our Higher Selves for hope, faith, strength and love.  Only when we can align with this elevated part of our being will we be able to draw enough Light to surpass and overwhelm the Dark.

Tools I’ve found helpful during these dark, lonely, trying times are:  meditation (to re establish our connection to ourselves and Source), journaling (so you can see growth), exercise (we must pay close attention to body, mind and spirit), prayer (to help remember gratitude), some creative outlet (this feeds your soul), and spiritual- family gatherings (these offer support and new information or insights in coping with your lonely walk).

You may feel utterly alone, but you are not.  You have a vast Spiritual family, whether you know them or not.  And they can and do energetically support you in all your endeavors.  The hardest part for me in all this has been ALLOWING, allowing others love, support and wisdom into me.  Please do yourself a favor if you are or come to be in a dark period allow others to love you, comfort you and lift you up.  Allow them to be your Light in the lonely desert for a time. Just until your Light can Shine again.  And remember, there is strength in loving and being loved, in sharing our Lights.  There is also strength in numbers for as we congregate together our Love and Lights are stronger.

Stay determined to see yourself through to the other side of the desert, yes it has one and it enters into the Light of Spirit.

But above all love yourself, and allow yourself to feel Divine Spirits love enfold you and nurture you.  This is not some dubious spirit away in the ethers; this is the living, breathing Spirit that you embody.  Let your Light shine forth!


A’li~yana Lynne

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