Our Life’s Purpose…

What is a life’s purpose?  Is it individual,  or collective or both?  I say both.

What if…

You’ve forgotten your life’s purpose.  It’s like losing some precious object.  You miss it…it’s absence nags at you…you must find it.  Though at times you almost forget it, hardly noticing it’s gone.  Except there’s SOMETHING missing in your life, that’s right something HUGE is missing.  It’s your life’s purpose.  Your reason for incarnating on Earth.

Your life’s purpose is imprinted into your spirit like a tattoo on your skin.  You’re born knowing it, as a child you try your best to live it.  As you grow, well maybe the world and everyone in it washes away that sense of purpose from you.  Conditioning, training, brain washing you until you forget who you are and why you’ve come here.

Ah! But that is also part of the journey of life, at least for now.  Part of each persons purpose is to Re-member…

…who you are

…how powerful you are

…that you are Love.

Maybe you are one of the lucky one’s and you never forgot your purpose or the fact that you are all powerful.  Maybe you have molded and shaped your life into a beautiful tapestry of love, light and Spirit.  If so, I applaud you for you are exceptional.

Finding my life’s purpose is like popping beautiful, delicate bubbles as they drift and float by.  Each one a unique piece of the puzzle that is me.  Each piece building upon the last.  Until the picture becomes clear…

…Then it starts over again…

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