The Quiet Storm

Nancy Tappe saw the Indigo storm coming back in the 1970’s. She saw the auras of these children and noticed that they were all the same blue/violet= indigo color.

A storm is a natural confluence of energy moving through the atmosphere to bring about change. The changes of a storm are often violent and can leave great change behind them, but there is always growth in the aftermath.  Indigos have been refered to as a storm, whether quiet or otherwise, we make changes wherever we go, often unintentionally.  It is, I believe the natural order of things to have catalysts, thus Indigos were born.  I believe that some of us, Indigo or other Lightworkers, are natural catalysts’, promoting growth and change in an otherwise stagnate society.  If we are to continue as a species I believe we need to grow and change in many and profound ways.  Our Indigos, natural leaders and structure breakers will be the ones to usher in the new thought that is so necessary to our evolution.  It is a thought process  and action based system of Love.  Love is all powerful, all encompassing, and all there is.  I believe this with every fiber of my being and breathlessly await the arrival of a period, a real Golden Age, based in, and around Love.


A’li~yana Lynne

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