Comments, Questions and Musings

As a budding Indigo, a parent of an Indigo or just from curiosity ; do you have any questions for me, to research, to provide personal answers or opinions for or to provide clinical information to?

We grow stronger as individuals as well as the collective when we bring in and understand knowledge of any kind.  As the human race evolves it is important for us to stay abreast of the latest information on and about current and upcoming generations.

Here is a partial list of questions from The Indigo Children.  They have proven helpful to me with my two Indigos, as well as making sure my own needs are being met…


1.  Do you feel that your children’s opinions are valuable, and that you can learn from them?  or do you always have to do the teaching and lecturing in this relationship?

2.  Do you listen to your children and have a lot of fun together?  Do you make time for your inner kids to play together?

3.  do you respect their privacy and personal space?

4.  Do you give reasons why you make certain decisions?

5.  Do you frequently praise your child, and offer three compliments for every critisim?

6.  Can you sometimes admit that you made a mistake and are sorry?

7.  Do you teach your child to have respect and compassion for other people?  

I hope that you find these questions thought provoking and helpful.  If you are already doing these things, GREAT!  If you’ve learned something GREAT!

Have a blessed day,

A’li~Yana Lynne Hale

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