Squeals and Laughter, fun had by all…

Autumn, I love it.  Crisp leaves, cool brisk air, big piles of colorful leaves…

Fall 1975

I was running as fast as I could, then, leaping, flying into the aromatic pile of Modesto Ash leaves.  We had three enormous trees on our property.  Our job, mine and my brother Steve’s, was to help pick up all the leaves.  Daddy being the overgrown kid he was would let us jump into the huge mounds as long as we didn’t scatter the piles around too much.  So backing up to get good distance and speed, Steven and I would take turns jumping into the beautiful, multi-hued leaves.  Their musky sent filled the air and the sound of or squeals and laughter floated upon the wind.  We would especially love being buried in the fragrant leaves.  Daddy calling out, pretending to not be able to see us.  What fun!  Is it any wonder Fall is still my favorite season?

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