I Believe In Magic

excerpt from book…

Saint Patties Day 1976

I was in Kindergarten now, finally going to school.  I still was a loner, not really making friends.  I played by myself a lot.  On Saint Patrick’s Day in 1976, not long before we moved to Turlock, we my class and others were outside in the play yard looking for the mysterious 4 leaf clover.  My Teacher had told us stories of Leprechauns and fairies and about how they would come if we found a clover, but not just any clover, the famous 4 leaf clover.  Well we had plenty of clover in the yard and all of us looked, but it was my sweet Teacher who found one.  We joyfully went back into the classroom, and were all shocked to see it messed up!  There were little golden foot prints on the floor and we all KNEW it was the Leprechauns!  They had come into our class room!  I believed with all my heart in magic, I knew it was real, wasn’t I was from somewhere it was possible to manifest instantly?  Wasn’t that magic?  I never doubted.

Most Indigos remember coming from a place of instant manifestation, they can become frustrated when meeting with the limitations of current times… But times are changing and manifestation is becoming quicker as people become more aware of their own power as creators.

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