Are you an Indigo?

Do you know what an Indigo is?  Are you one? Do you know one?  These are the burning questions for me.  I am an Indigo.  Meaning that my aura is colored Indigo.  My DNA is more advanced and I resonate at a higher vibration than the average human being.  Sound fantastical?  There are 100’s of thousands of Indigos of all types residing on earth right now.  We are the forerunners and wave makers of our time.  We are here to make drastic changes to individual and global consciousness.  We rock the boat, question the status quo  and challenge our governments.  We are here to help, to heal and to change the world as we know it.

Janet Tober and Lee Carroll wrote the comprehensive book  The Indigo Children, I suggest starting there for loads of information.  Information on what it’s like to be an Indigo, what its like to raise an Indigo and characteristics of being an Indigo.

Let me know what you think, I’d like to gather more information on being an Indigo from as many of us as possible.

Love and Light,

A’li~yana Lynne

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